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Wondering About Vermont Couples Counseling?

8:28 am

It can be hard to tell if couples counseling is right for you, and it can be hard to find…

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Upper Valley Therapist FAQ: Is Talk Therapy Effective?

11:30 am

If you happened to read Todd Essig’s article in Forbes’ online magazine, you may recall an image he used. He…

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New Hampshire Talk Therapy Summit

10:48 am

Dr. Schore, a prominent researcher in the fields of psychology, neurobiology, and attachment theory, talks and writes about the importance…

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A Vermont Therapist’s Take: Ghosts in the Nursery

10:49 am

Being a parent is a job that never slows down, but some patterns can be especially upsetting when they repeat…

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I’m in Vermont, Is My Therapist Here Too?

1:31 pm

We’re all affected by technology in more ways than we know. We use our computers to connect with friends and…

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Upper Valley Therapist FAQ: Is this Really Depression?

11:18 am

Most of us have a day now and then when we feel sad or a little down. It is normal…

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So You’re Going to see an Upper Valley Therapist

11:16 am

You’ve done it. You called and made an appointment with a therapist to get some help with that problem you…

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