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Seeing a Vermont Therapist for Anxiety

If you’ve ever taken a test, been caught misbehaving or asked someone out on a date, you’ve probably experienced anxiety. It can make us feel light-headed, jittery and make our hearts race. Most people don’t feel disruptive anxiety very often though; usually that level of anxiety only surrounds major trauma like a death in the family. For some of us however, that disruptive anxiety can strike at any time.

Anxiety is one way our brain tries to keep us safe. By imagining possibly dangerous or stressful situations, the brain allows us to plan ahead but what if that ‘planning’ happens all the time, or the fear associated with the ‘planning’ paralyzes us? That’s the kind of anxiety that can affect our work, our relationships and more commonly, things like getting to sleep at night.

What are some signs that you may be experiencing overactive anxiety?

Cycling – If you find your thoughts cycling back to a point of anxiety, whether real or imagined, you might be experiencing anxiety.

Preoccupation – Do you find yourself thinking about how to prevent, avoid or handle an uncommon situation? Is that preoccupation disruptive to your daily life or to the people around you?

Panic – When anxiety gets out of control, some people find themselves in a state of panic. If you have experienced a panic attack, you know they can be frightening. Racing heartbeat, feelings of helplessness and the desire to pull back from any and all activity until the feeling subsides are all common during a panic attack.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you may have some persistent anxiety. Would your quality of life be better if the anxiety were diminished? What if you could work through that anxiety and stop the cycle?

If you’d like to hear more about how seeing a Vermont therapist for anxiety might help, get in touch. It’s a common condition and one that our therapists are ready to help with; give us a call.

*Note: The content of blog articles on this website  is not intended to diagnose or treat specific mental health conditions, only to provide information to those looking to learn about therapeutic options in Vermont and New Hampshire.

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