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At Vermont Talk Therapy, we provide our clients with the opportunity to examine the causes of discomfort in their lives. Every situation is different, of course, so our therapists are trained to help individuals, couples, and families at any stage in their lives and relationships.

With the guidance of an experienced therapist, it is possible to gain awareness of patterns that have created obstacles to satisfaction in life. Often, these patterns hinder our ability to function effectively in work, school, and relationships. They can even contribute to the development of physical ailments.

Through interaction and reflection with a trusted therapist at Vermont Talk Therapy, it is possible to understand and alter these personal patterns, which can lead to creative problem solving, healthier relationships, and greater enjoyment of life.


One-on-One Therapy

People choose individual therapy for a variety of reasons. A person may need support through the grieving process, help in understanding and relieving depression, or assistance learning how to create strong, healthy relationships.

Children & Youth Counseling

Children and adolescents experience stress, anger and loss in much the same ways adults do, but they don't always have the tools they need to work through it. Finding a therapist who is experienced with helping children is the first step toward finding a new emotional balance.

Couples Counseling & Family Therapy

Marriage, dating and close interpersonal relationships take work. If you or someone you know is struggling to maintain a relationship, or is concerned about the future of a relationship, it may be time to explore couples counseling or family therapy.

Consultation & Problem Solving

We often find that while a problem clearly exists, the solution to that problem is less clear. Speaking with a trained talk therapist to find a treatment plan and beginning to work toward a solution is a productive first step. Start the healing process by requesting a consultation.

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