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Why Choose Vermont Talk Therapy?

At Vermont Talk Therapy, we understand that the journey to effective stress management or healthier relationships can seem daunting. We offer an open door to individuals, couples, and families ready to seek help in working through the issues which they identify as important in seeking more satisfaction in life. We begin where you are now and offer guidance in finding solutions right for you. Solutions which can lead to a healthier, less stressful and more productive life.

The process begins by reaching out to one of our therapists, finding out whether talk therapy is right for you, and setting up an initial consultation. To start this process, call or email either one of our therapists. Or, learn a little about our team before getting in touch.

You don’t have to face life’s stresses alone. Get in touch today.

  • upper valley therapist lynn irwin

    Lynn Irwin, Psya. D.

    Therapist in the Upper Valley

    Twenty years ago, I realized the thing I most enjoyed in any work situation was helping people solve problems. I…

  • bonnie irwin therapist in the upper valley

    Bonnie W. Irwin, Psya. D.

    Talk Therapist in the Upper Valley

    I have worked with children and families in the Upper Valley for over thirty years. Fifteen of those years have…

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