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bonnie irwin therapist in the upper valley

Bonnie W. Irwin, Psya. D.

Talk Therapist in the Upper Valley

I have worked with children and families in the Upper Valley for over thirty years. Fifteen of those years have been spent as a psychotherapist. During that time, I have noticed that each of us approaches life’s challenges differently. While we are creative, resourceful, and intelligent, life can still prove to be overwhelming if we face its challenges alone. Each of us has the capacity to solve problems, to learn to communicate well, and to find the things in life which give us great satisfaction, but we often need help understanding our own feelings and desires. We can’t always see which obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals are obstacles we create ourselves.

As a therapist, I feel strongly that it is important to work toward your goals. Together, we determine which of the challenges you face are the most distressing. Then we begin the process of understanding the underlying causes of that distress. Because each person is unique, my approach varies depending on the specific needs of the individual. It is always important to start where you are today. I offer focused listening skills, thoughtful questions, and opportunities to explore a range of solutions to the challenges you may face.

Most often, it is beneficial to meet weekly at a time that is mutually agreeable. Let’s talk.

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