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Vermont Family Therapy: My Child is Entering Therapy

First, it can be helpful for you and the therapist to meet without your child before the child comes to…

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Can My Child Benefit from Upper Valley Counseling?

Can My Child Benefit from Upper Valley Counseling? Many people think of therapy as a place for adults to work…

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Children’s Therapy: Play in the Therapy Room

Play is the way children learn. In the therapy room it is also the language they use to express thoughts…

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Addiction and Counseling in Vermont and New Hampshire

Some of us have been touched by addiction many times, some of us may be shaken by personal experience or…

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Why Do Problems Come in Cycles?

Does is ever seem as though life’s difficulties come in batches?   There are problems at work. A neighbor is…

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Vermont Family Therapy at Home | Adolescent Friendship

We tend to think of family therapy as a patient-and-therapist relationship, but helping your children navigate their struggles and become…

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What’s Unique About Child and Family Therapy?

As we think about raising healthy children, we think about their diet, exercise, good hygiene, and the right amount of…

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