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Addiction and Counseling in Vermont and New Hampshire

Some of us have been touched by addiction many times, some of us may be shaken by personal experience or that of a loved one affected by addiction. Individual stories of addiction have different details, but once an addiction has taken hold of someone, the outcomes are often heartbreaking, painful, and possibly fatal. To begin the healing process, anyone struggling with addiction should seek treatment. The components might include a 12-Step program, inpatient treatment, medication or even all of these things. The specific treatment depends on the addiction and the individual.

After someone enters treatment and is recovering from addiction, they may be ready to explore the root causes of their addiction and how it came to be a destructive pattern in their life. For example, what were the situations that led to addictive behavior? What happens if these situations arise in the future? How will they react? Counseling for alcohol abuse or drug abuse will help avoid the people, places and things that trigger the addiction, but what if it doesn’t quite get to the root cause of the addiction?

If there is doubt about the long term success of addiction counseling, that’s where talk therapy can help. Discussing the underlying issues that fuel addiction can help bridge the gap between remission and recovery. Recovery does not merely mean ceasing destructive behavior; it means regaining all that has been lost. This can include income, self respect, and intimate relationships.

If you or someone you know is working their way through drug or alcohol counseling in Vermont or New Hampshire, feel free to share this article or have them get in touch. We’re ready to discuss their progress and help them decide whether talk therapy can help alongside addiction counseling.

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