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Is Vermont Psychoanalysis for You?

If you’ve ever entered into Vermont psychoanalysis, or know someone who has, you may have found an effective setting for you to work through the problems you were facing at the time. If psychoanalysis is more of a concept than a real-life experience for you, there may be some stereotypes that come to mind: maybe the stereotype of the disengaged therapist, or a therapist who clings to Freud’s theories and brings every topic back to childhood. That’s not what we offer and not what a new patient should expect.

Modern psychoanalysis offers therapists a set of tools to use in a therapeutic setting. To simplify things a bit, psychoanalysis takes place in a talk-based therapy setting where the therapist might ask questions and guide the sessions in a helpful direction, but they aren’t likely to offer opinions. They are more likely to listen and ask probing questions as the patient explores their experiences, behaviors and outcomes from the past. The therapist seeks to understand what has worked for each individual and what obstacles each individual creates that block the progress toward a satisfying life.

Some patients prefer a therapist who makes suggestions. Some patients are interested in a friendly conversation with opinions along the way. However, if you’re struggling with something and need a place to talk through the causes of that struggle, a Vermont psychoanalysis practice might be the right choice for you. Sometimes the right setting is one where a person can lay out their frustrations, talk about what is and isn’t working in their life and get it all out in the open. They may even be aware of the solutions they would like to try in their life, they just need to have a safe place to discuss, plan and evaluate their life along the way. For those who want to be in the driver’s seat for talk based therapy, a psychoanalytic setting can be the right one.

We should end by adding that individual circumstances can vary widely and no single type of therapy is the right fit for every patient. However, Vermont psychoanalysis has worked for many years in our practice and it isn’t what you see on TV. If you’re curious about talk therapy and would like to consult one of our therapists as you weigh your options, get in touch. We’re ready to hear from you.

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