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Virtual Therapy with an Upper Valley Counselor

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It goes without saying the stay-at-home orders in Vermont and New Hampshire are stressful for most of us. These measures are in place to protect our health, but your schedule has been disrupted, your job may be very different right now and perhaps your usual stress relieving activities are on pause as well. Is now a good time to consider speaking with an Upper Valley counselor? Today we’re looking at a few common questions about virtual therapy sessions whether they are on the phone or on a video call.

 How Does Therapy Work Right Now?

First, it is important to note that we are not meeting in person at this time. While we wish to offer assistance during this unusual and stressful time, we feel it is also important to follow the guidelines suggested for containing the virus and, hopefully, resolving the public health crisis.   With that information in mind, what can we offer?

We are currently offering phone sessions or video calls to existing and to new clients. The new therapy format might be a little unusual at first, but we’re finding that after a session or two, things progress normally.

If you’re new to talk therapy, you may want to know that we will ask the same exploratory questions to find out what our starting point is. We’re always interested in finding out what your goals are for entering talk therapy so we can help you progress toward those goals.

If you’re interested in video calls, we can discuss what service or applications you’re familiar with and find one that works for both of us.

Are Virtual Sessions Different?

In a word, yes. Our counselors have many years of experience with in-person talk therapy sessions, but they also rely on phone sessions when necessary. Some clients prefer phone sessions and find them a useful complement to in-person sessions.

Other people dislike phone sessions, but recognize they can be a useful tool for continued progress on the issues they are working to resolve. In short, you might find phone sessions productive and helpful, or you might find it odd at first. The feeling of discomfort with phone sessions is something you can bring up and discuss with the therapist. Giving it a try will help you decide how well it works for you. 

We should also note that there are ways to make phone sessions more comfortable and effective. We can help you find the right set of conditions in your own space to create a good environment for open communication.

Are the Calls Secure?

Yes. On our end, we’ve created a setup that is designed to ensure a private, confidential session. That includes a closed room, a white noise machine for sound protection and all necessary steps to avoid distractions and interruptions. It is important to us that our focus be the communication between us, not external distractions, even during this time of unusual circumstances. 

All of our lives have been disrupted by the current situation. If the stress and uncertainty of those changes are becoming difficult to handle,  get in touch. You might find that a virtual therapy session with an Upper Valley counselor works well for you. Right now staying safe and healthy—mentally, emotionally, physically—is what all of us need to focus on.

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