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Isolation and Marriage Counseling in VT

Many parts of the Upper Valley are a little remote to begin with, so spending time at home and staying away from neighbors may not have seemed like a stretch at first. As we head into our fifth month of staying at home, the isolation and uncertainty may be taking a toll. Here are some patterns we’ve noticed.

Economic Hardship

Many more Americans (and New Englanders) are underemployed, unemployed and laid off than in recent years. Many of us have been unemployed at some point but this is a tougher situation to navigate and a tougher economy than we’ve seen in a long time. There is a well established link between job loss and symptoms like anxiety and depression. If you’re experiencing either we would encourage you to get in touch. We can discuss your financial situation and payment options to meet your financial needs as well as offer emotional support. Don’t assume you’re priced out of therapy if you want to speak with a counselor.

Relationship Strain

Times of hardship can bring us closer together but they can also pull us apart. If you’re noticing more arguments, more strain or thoughts of ending a relationship altogether it’s possible that the environment outside the home is affecting the way you’re interacting inside the home.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to navigate this unusual time alone. It may be a good time to explore marriage counseling.

Added Flexibility

While camps, activities and–in some cases–our jobs are on hold, you may have a little more time available in your schedule. We’re currently handling sessions via phone or video call. This will allow you to avoid the commute to our treatment offices and follow the health guidelines that will keep you safe. 

If you’re noticing added strain on a relationship and you’ve wondered if marriage counseling in VT or NH is a good option, get in touch. We’re ready to help you navigate the process and find out if it’s right for you and your partner.

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