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woman talking on phone in virtual therapy session

Virtual Therapy with an Upper Valley Counselor

It goes without saying the stay-at-home orders in Vermont and New Hampshire are stressful for most of us. These measures…

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Marriage Counseling Vermont: Three Tactics

Many people seek marriage counseling in Vermont as an effort to save a marriage that is in serious trouble, but…

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man thinking on rock by water

Confronting PTSD with a Vermont Therapist

In one sense, it’s empowering and encouraging that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is talked about more and more these days….

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woman with hand on head feeling stressed

Seeing a Vermont Therapist for Anxiety

If you’ve ever taken a test, been caught misbehaving or asked someone out on a date, you’ve probably experienced anxiety….

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Vermont Couples Counseling: Preventative Measures

We’ve all heard a friend or relative talk about how, “things were so bad they had to start couples therapy”….

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upper valley counseling with diagnosis

Upper Valley Counseling: Working with a Diagnosis

Patients in treatment us with sometimes report that they have been given a diagnosis at some time in the past,…

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upper valley counseling for teenagers

Upper Valley Counseling for Teenagers

Think back to when you were a teenager. Most adults look back at their teenage years as an exciting time…

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choosing upper valley counseling

Seeking Upper Valley Counseling: The Right Fit

Seeking a Good Fit If you are considering connecting with a therapist, you might have a number of questions. Among…

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when to consider vermont relationship counseling

When to Consider Vermont Relationship Counseling

We’ve all seen relationships fail and thought something like, ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming’. From the outside, we don’t…

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winter and upper valley counseling

Taking on Winter with an Upper Valley Counselor

Winter in New England brings a set of patterns and habits for all of us. For some Upper Valley residents,…

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