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Loss of Community: Couples Counseling VT

There is a reason most weddings are a group event. In part it’s simple: to have a celebration with family and friends. There is a deeper meaning to the tradition too: to surround yourself with your community; the circle of people who have—and will—support your relationship moving forward.

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In 2020 we’ve seen how a pandemic can put a strain on all our relationships: parent and child, adult and family, coworkers, friends. Many of us are making hard choices about who to visit, how often and under what circumstances. The reason we’re discussing relationships through the lens of couples counseling in Vermont is that most of us are spending more time at home, and less time with our communities; that can strain marriages and home life more than usual.

Even for those of us who think of themselves as ‘loners’, time outside the house is important. Think how often it feels good to head to a ‘third place’ (not work or home) when things are stressful. Maybe you are part of a team or a club. Maybe you have a regular bar or restaurant you head to. Maybe you spent 40 hours out of the house working. In 2020 many of those things are different…or gone.

What does all this have to do with couples counseling? The loss or change of your usual patterns and fewer opportunities to meet with your community (family, work, friends) may mean more stress or conflict at home. We encourage anyone noticing that pattern to consider the idea of couples counseling. A relationship doesn’t have to be at a breaking point to benefit from some maintenance and finding new ways to relieve stress, communicate or take a break from the household can be helpful.

We’re all renegotiating things we took for granted so it’s an unusual time. If you think your relationship could benefit from some attention…some problem solving, get in touch. A counselor can discuss your options and answer any questions you may have about how couples counseling works.

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