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When to Consider Vermont Relationship Counseling

We’ve all seen relationships fail and thought something like, ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming’. From the outside, we don’t always see it coming, but from the inside one or both people will usually admit that it was a long time coming. So how do you know when Vermont relationship counseling is a good next step? Here are a few thoughts:

Persistent Conflict

All relationships have conflict, but not all relationships dwell on conflict. If you’re noticing a pattern where disagreements come up frequently and don’t seem to change or improve over time, that could be an opportunity to bring in a counselor to help find a resolution.

Little Improvement

You might be thinking, ‘Don’t all of us have conflict’? Absolutely, and it can be hard to know what conflict is normal and what conflict may be toxic. One sign to look for is whether or not your communication or the outcome of conflict improves over time. Is either party willing to keep talking? Are you working toward concrete solutions, or just rehashing the last time the disagreement came up? If it’s the latter, that may be a sign that some outside help could be useful.


At some point in our lives, we’ve all seen an argument start to color other parts of our lives. If you, or someone you know is starting to emotionally disengage or treat those around them poorly, the conflict they are experiencing may not be a garden variety argument followed by resolution. If anger starts turning to resentment or distrust, it can more easily erode relationships.

when to consider vermont relationship counseling

If any of these signs seem familiar or you’re curious to hear more about how Vermont relationship counseling works, get in touch. We’re ready to help you decide whether it’s the right choice.

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