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Vermont Couples Counseling Before Marriage

If you asked a group of people, ‘When should couples consider Vermont couples counseling?’ you’d probably hear an answer like, ‘When the marriage is in trouble’. But what if you’re not married? What if your relationship isn’t ‘in trouble’? Should couples counseling be considered?

If you and your partner are open to the idea of seeing a couples counselor before a crisis, you may end up with a stronger relationship. After all, if one or both of you have reached a point where you’re thinking of ultimatums, like, ‘either this changes or we’re separating’, you’re not as open to communication–or compromise–as you might have been earlier in the relationship.

The concept of seeing a Vermont couples counselor before a crisis happens may seem odd, but marriage can be a major milestone. Working through some of your concerns or addressing a recurring disagreement before taking that step can help both parties enter the marriage with more confidence, and a set of tools to work through conflict. Many people experience some doubt or fear heading into marriage. It could help to explore the source of that feeling before the wedding ceremony.

Speaking with a couples counselor can also help each of you enter this new phase of the relationship with honesty and sincerity. If your fears or anxieties have been laid out before the marriage ceremony you’ve each had an opportunity to discuss them. There may be fewer assumptions made by either party and it can help each of you enter the renewed partnership thinking about the other’s concerns.

If you have questions about the process or when to consider couples counseling, get in touch. We’re ready to have a conversation.

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