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The Many Reasons for Vermont Relationship Counseling

Most of us can spot a relationship that’s in a little trouble.  Here are some of the signs we may see: You might be arguing more, saying things that you regret or even avoiding each other to some degree. What’s more difficult is spotting why you’re in need of some Vermont relationship counseling.

It’s easy to get stuck  in the immediate struggle with a partner. For example, maybe you have recurring arguments that can’t seem to be resolved. Maybe there are long running areas of friction that were once tolerable that seem to be reaching a boiling point far more often these days. It’s easy to point to those disagreements or friction points and say, “That’s what’s stressing the relationship.” 

You may be 100% correct about where the arguments are coming from, but there may also be another layer of conflict or disagreement going on and the dishes, the kids or the household chores are just the surface reason for ending up in another argument. Working with a Vermont relationship counselor can help solve problems; potentially the immediate problems and–with time–the longer term issues as well.

From the outside, relationship counseling (and talk therapy in general) can feel undefined or open ended, especially if you’re new to it. If you haven’t worked with a talk therapist before it might seem a little confusing, but at its heart, talk therapy is about solving problems. We’ll work with both of you to identify the patterns that are tied up with the strain on the relationship–as well as the underlying causes–as we talk through the issues  with you.

If you’re wondering about speaking with a Vermont relationship counselor concerning the way  the process works, what the cost might be or whether your problems are a good fit for talk therapy, get in touch. We’re ready to talk.

*Each individual’s circumstances are unique. The content of the Vermont Talk Therapy blog is intended to provide general information and should not be taken as therapeutic advice. To begin therapy or discuss your specific needs, get in touch with the therapists of Vermont Talk Therapy.

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