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Finding a Therapist in Vermont: What to Look For

Deciding whether or not to work with a therapist can be difficult . Perhaps you would like to think about some options. If you’re considering a therapist in Vermont here are a few steps to get started.

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What is Your Biggest Concern?
Whether it’s your first time investigating therapy or your tenth, it can be helpful to identify why you’re wondering about therapy at this moment. Maybe you’re noticing an increase in stress or anxiety. Maybe you’re experiencing more conflict in your daily interactions.Whatever is driving you to investigate working with a therapist, it’s a good jumping off point for that first conversation, so identifying the main reason for calling can help.

Identify Your Goals
You don’t need to have all the answers—especially on the first call—but it can help to know where you’d like to be after a few sessions. Think about what you hope to accomplish. For example:

‘I’d like to know why I’m arguing with my spouse more than in the past.’
‘I’d like to get along better with my kids.’
‘I lost my job and I need to decide what comes next in life.’

Start a ‘Therapists Near Me’ List
It is possible to work with a therapist over the phone, but in-person sessions tend to yield better results, so coming up with a ‘therapists near me’ list is a good way to find candidates. Googling ‘therapists in vermont’ (or new hampshire) can give you a quick list of local options and you’re likely to find clues as to what each therapist’s specialty may be . You will likely find that some therapists specialize in addiction counseling, couples counseling or family therapy. If a specialty isn’t listed right on their website, calling is a good way to find out whether they will be a good fit.

Consider Therapy Options
Therapists differ in their approach to discovery and problem solving. Some may offer talk therapy, some may recommend medication. During sessions and outside of sessions you should be comfortable with both the therapist and the approach, so trust your instincts. If a therapist seems like someone you can work with and they are answering your questions about how they help clients solve problems, they could be a good fit. Scheduling an initial session will allow you to try their approach out and see how it feels.

Make the Call
It’s hard to say what solutions you may come up with while working with a therapist, but improvement won’t start unless you take the first step. Finding a therapist near you can seem a little daunting, but they’re here to help and you won’t know which therapist is right for you until you make a few calls.

If you live in the Upper Valley and Vermont Talk Therapy is on your ‘therapists near me’ list, get in touch. We’re ready to answer questions about how therapy works and help you decide how and when to give it a try.

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