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“I live in a small town. There are some issues I would like professional help with and I would like to find an Upper Valley counselor to talk to, but I’m not sure how this would work in such a small community.”

Could this concern be preventing you from seeking help?

There are some unique aspects to living in small communities. It seems as though everybody knows everyone else in town. It also seems like everyone knows everything about their neighbors. What are some of the concerns people have about seeking therapy in such situations? We will explore some of the issues in the next few blog articles.

What if I run into my therapist out in public?

This is a good question to ask and one you can discuss with your therapist if you wish. Questions that we may discuss when the topic arises include: If you see your therapist in public, would you like to say hello and be greeted in return? Or would you prefer to merely nod and keep walking? Perhaps you would rather have no acknowledgement at all.

All of these are acceptable ways to handle a chance meeting. How such a meeting is handled depends on the person and their preferences. In a small town, seeing each other somewhere in public is likely to happen sooner or later. It can feel embarrassing or awkward. Such concerns are normal and many people wonder the same things.

Therapists at Vermont Talk Therapy know these concerns may be on their clients’ minds. They are trained to anticipate such situations. To a certain extent, your therapist will follow your lead. If you are comfortable saying hello, you will be greeted in return. But you may prefer to nod or walk away quietly. That decision will be respected as well. If you run into each other outside the office, the most important thing to your therapist is to preserve your confidentiality and respect your privacy. You decide whether or not to acknowledge each other.

*Each individual’s circumstances are unique. The content of the Vermont Talk Therapy blog is intended to provide general information and should not be taken as therapeutic advice. To begin therapy or discuss your specific needs, get in touch with the therapists of Vermont Talk Therapy.

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