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Upper Valley Counseling: Revitalizing Relationships

For a variety of reasons this spring and summer may feel like we’re ‘getting back to normal’, although that phrase is tough to define and it points to one of the struggles we may be facing right now. ‘Getting back to normal’ is a wish as much as something we can actually achieve. Even before the pandemic, recreating an ideal time and place from the past was something we might want, but can’t actually achieve. However, one thing that may be achievable is revisiting and repairing a relationship that has suffered during the past few years.

We tend to think of romantic relationships as the ones that need attention and might deserve some  support  from a therapist, but the pandemic put stress on all our relationships: work, family, romantic, friendships…they all had to bear the strain of distance, loss and our reactions to the pandemic. If you’re ready to reconnect, some of the stresses of the past two years may cause problems. Do you (or someone you’re close to) feel ignored or abandoned? Have some of your relationships weakened or ended? Have you been surprised by some of the decisions or beliefs your friends and family hold? These are all very common outcomes from two years of added stress.

If you’re wondering how talk therapy comes into play, there are two simple options that can help as you begin to reevaluate your relationships. The first is individual therapy. Working with an Upper Valley counselor allows you to talk through the tangled and sometimes confusing outcomes of two years of change and isolation. Processing the past few years and how they’ve affected you can take time and talk therapy gives you the time and place to accomplish that in a safe place, with impartial help.

A second option (that is a little less common but can be just as effective) is a group therapy option. In this case we don’t mean a group of strangers, we mean you and the other person in the relationship. Talking through relationship or friendship issues in a neutral environment with an Upper Valley counselor can–for some people–be more productive than trying to work through stressful topics on your own. Talk therapy isn’t just for married couples; if there is a rift in any important relationship, working through it in a therapeutic setting can help.

If you’re curious about individual or group therapy, get in touch. We’re ready to discuss your options and explain in detail how it can apply to your individual circumstances.

*Each individual’s circumstances are unique. The content of the Vermont Talk Therapy blog is intended to provide general information and should not be taken as therapeutic advice. To begin therapy or discuss your specific needs, get in touch with the therapists of Vermont Talk Therapy.

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