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So You’re Going to see an Upper Valley Therapist

You’ve done it. You called and made an appointment with a therapist to get some help with that problem you have been wrestling with for a while. Now what? What happens when you walk through the door to the therapy office?

At Vermont Talk Therapy, we’ll offer you a place to sit and we’ll spend our first hour together getting to know each other. The therapist who meets with you will listen carefully, trying to assess what style of therapeutic work will be best for you. Sometimes people are more comfortable if the therapist asks a few questions. Others prefer to tell their story without interruption. It’s important to us to help you feel comfortable as we work together, and we’re happy to accommodate either approach.

In the first few appointments, we’ll work with you to settle on a regular time to meet and decide together how often that will be. You may wish to set some goals or you may want help and support to explore what it is you want before thinking about goal setting.

Some people come to therapy in hopes of getting help with big life decisions. Others are looking for insight into repeating patterns in their lives. The therapists at Vermont Talk Therapy will offer each client non-judgmental listening, skilled questioning, and careful observations.

Regardless of what brought you to your first session, or what your specific goals are, we’re here to listen. Everyone deserves quality of life, peace of mind and someone to talk to when they need a little help. If you’re looking for a therapist in the Upper Valley or you’re ready to start working on an issue, get in touch and we can schedule a consultation.


*Each individual’s circumstances are unique. The content of the Vermont Talk Therapy blog is intended to provide general information and should not be taken as therapeutic advice. To begin therapy or discuss your specific needs, get in touch with the therapists of Vermont Talk Therapy.

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