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Making Time for Couples Counseling in VT

Chances are you have heard (or even uttered) the sentence, ‘Have you thought about talking to someone about that?’ Sometimes that person is already in therapy, but most often they are not. Today we’re going to talk about some common reasons couples avoid counseling, as well as some reasons to give couples counseling in Vermont a try.

‘I Don’t Have Time’

A common reason for avoiding almost anything is lack of time. That could absolutely be the case, but if anyone is suggesting couples counseling, that is a hint that they are hearing a pattern of stress that they may be concerned about. It might be time to take stock of your relationship; perhaps even have a conversation with your significant other about how satisfied they are with the state of the relationship. Talking about your relationship won’t end it, and making an honest evaluation might shed some light on how you’re feeling and what is arousing those particular feelings.

Are there times you enjoy each week? Are you finding reasons to spend time together or are you experiencing the opposite? Are you noticing that you are getting through each week just tolerating each other more than enjoying each other’s company? The reason we bring up this simple test is that if you’re in a relationship rut, finding the time to meet with a couples counselor in VT might be worth freeing up the time to do so. Being busy has its benefits but sometimes we’re busy to avoid tough conversations or something uncomfortable we might have to face if we had more downtime.

‘I Know What the Therapist Would Say’

Another common reason to sidestep couples counseling is that you (or your partner) might think they already know what’s coming. In essence, you know what the couples counselor would say about your relationship. You might be right. Maybe your problems are right at the surface. Maybe the disagreements are obvious. However, if you’re not coming up with a workable solution between the two of you, that’s where a couples counselor can help. 

To be clear, seeing a couples counselor in Vermont isn’t about hiring a referee who will settle things based on a rulebook, but having an outside party hear the disagreements and start a conversation about finding solutions can help. Remember, if couples counseling didn’t work for anyone, no one would bother trying it.

‘We Can’t Afford It’

Because of the insurance system in the US we tend to think healthcare (including mental healthcare) is expensive. At Vermont Talk Therapy we have a consultation with every individual, couple or group who is interested before we discuss payment. If you’re thinking about couples counseling in Vermont, let’s meet and discuss what’s going on in your life, then discuss payment. We’re dedicated to helping those in need.

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